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Songs: Get Over It

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Get over it
Get over it
The only person being punished by your principled position is you
Get over it
Get over it
And you'll find yourself supplied with a pile of better things to do

I wasn't always the macho hunk of sheer beefcake you see before you now
At school I was a little fat kid and PE was a weekly hell
So I poured myself into books and I sneered at those who played games
I set myself above them, decided I would hate it forever

But then in 1996
I realised what I'd missed
I'd denied myself the fun of sport
The excitement, the drama, and so in short

I got over it
Got over it
Gazza's goal against the Scottish made my snobbish suppositions subside
I got over it
And now I'm over it
Gary Linekar's my guru, Stuart Pierce opened up my mind

I used to say I didn't like curry, I thought it was disgusting and weird
Then found out it's not supposed to have sweetcorn, sultanas, bananas that's just how my mum made it
Taxis, Restaurants, Jaffa Cakes, Dishwashers and The Smiths
Ar things I expressed disdain for, when the truth of the matter was this:

I might have claimed high principals
But at the end of the day
I wasn't being moral or ethical
I was just afraid

So I got over it
Got over it
And decided that denying the delights of life is frankly daft
I got over it
And now I'm over it
Won't let the future be deflected by the crap that happened in the past

In the words of Sir Ludwig Guttmann, the founder of the Paralympic games:
"This sitting around feeling sorry for youself is no good. Cut it out!"
Or to put it another way:

Get over it
Get over it
The only person being punished by your principled position is you
Get over it
Get over it
And you'll find yourself supplied with a pile of better things to do

Get over it!

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is originally from Total Hero Team as some tender advice from Desmond to Tony.

After the almost complete lack of transportable songs in Moon Horse I decided that THIS show would feature more songs that could be taken out of context and played in my normal set, so here I tried to write something more like my "usual" stuff i.e. about ME!

The Sir Ludwig Guttman bit is in there because this was written around the time of the London Olympics and Paralympics. There'd been a brilliant drama documentary about Sir Ludwig Guttman, featuring a clip of the man himself saying (almost) exactly what I quote him as saying in the song, and I was so impressed I decided to nick it. Incredible FACT: that's actually ME saying it though, not Sir Ludwig. Amazing accent skillz, right?

My favourite line, however, is the "Gazza's goal against the Scottish" one. I think that's SO clever, I'm always disappointed when audiences fail to burst into spontaneous applause whenever they hear it!

Anyway, this worked as a transportable song so I put it forward to The Validators and MY WORD did it cause some controversy. Some of us really liked it, others really did NOT, and it took quite a lot of persuasion to get everyone to try it. When we did I was amazed to find that, for the first time ever, we were playing the song with exactly the same chug-a-chug rhythm that I play ALL songs when I do them live. It was lovely... for me, at least. This did mean that it was surprisingly easy for me to overdub the vocals later, as the gaps were EXACTLY the length I thought they would be!

Controversy continued to rage for this song when we came to sequencing the album, with loud voices demanding both its inclusion and exclusion. Eventually, in an example of The Power Of The Validators, we negotiated an agreement whereby it would be on the album but not the tracklisting, and that is why you will find it as the secret eleventh track. Diplomacy in action!

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