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Songs: Have A Drink With Us (Drink Doch Eine Met)

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There's an old boy hanging round outside the door
Who wishes he could come inside the pub
But the change he keeps counting in his hand
Will never be enough

Inside everybody's having fun
And no-one sees the old boy standing there
Then a bloke at the bar buys him a pint
And says come on inside

Have a drink with us, don't worry because
There's no need to be there on your own
If you're out of cash, we can fill your glass
Have a drink with us, and have a laugh

All the lonely people sat at home
Wishing for the fun of younger days
All they're waiting for's a knock at the door
And someone who will say

Have a drink with us, don't worry because
There's no need to be there on your own
If you're out of cash, we can fill your glass
Have a drink with us, and have a laugh

Drink doch eine met, stell dich nit esu ahn
Du steihs he die janze Zick eröm
Häs de och kei Jeld, dat es janz ejal
Drink doch met un kümmer dich nit dröm

When we met the organisers of Cologne Popfest at Indietracks 2017 they presented us with a custom made fanzine just for us, which not only contained information about Cologne and the festival, but also a CHALLENGE!

They presented us with the song "Drink Doch Eine Met"by Black Fooss and challenged us to perform a cover version of it when we played their festival the next year. I went and listened to the song online and pretty much instantly fell head over heels in love with it, as it is UTTERLY GRATE. Thus enthused I shoved the lyrics through Google Translate, and then worked at them over the course of the next few days to get them into a decent colloquial translation. I was especially pleased to get the (very Peterborough) phrase "Old boy" into it!

Around this time I was also thinking about what we were going to do for that year's Christmas song, and it struck me that, actually, THIS could be it. When I suggested it to The Validators there were WARY of the idea, but when they heard the song they IMMEDIATELY agreed. HOORAH!

Thus we met i Derby in November for a delightful day's recording, which is discussed at some length on the relevant blog. We had a LOVELY time, and filmed each other HAVING said lovely time for the video, which I put together during the following week. Unfortunately though, it turns out that WATCHING people recording a song isn't half as much fun as BEING the people recording a song, and it was deemed "too glum" by our Internal Comms Team.

As fate would have it, I fell ILL the next day, and lay in my sick bed wondering what I could do instead. That evening I had a vision of FINGER PUPPETS, which I suggested to The Validators, at which point Frankie suggested I do it with Captain Pugwash cutouts, as it would be easier. He ALSO suggested the AMAZING DENOUMENT of the story, which sent me to the Stationary Drawer of my BUREAU for CRAFT MATERIALS.

I spent a very happy day a) being poorly b) drawing and cutting out bits of paper, and the eventual result is a delight for all and, I think, a very worthy addition to the Christmas Canon!

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