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Songs: I Dream Of Superheroes

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I dream of superheroes
I dream of flight
I dream of mask, ensignia
Team-ups, capes and fights

I dream of superheroes
I dream of strength
Atomic battles, Robot pals
Symbols, suits and fights again

I wish I had a secret identity
Even more secret than it is now
I wish I had an emblem that said who I am
I wish I had special powers

I dream of superheroes
I dream of escape
From being entirely unexceptional
From being exactly the same

I wish I'd been selected by an alien
I wish I had a magic word
I wish that I'd been born in another galaxy
Instead of a maternity ward

I dream of superheroes
I doubt they dream of me
I dream of being something
I could never be

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

One of (if not the) first songs to be written for Total Hero Team, this eventually had to be removed because it was slowing down the ACTION at the start. I felt this was a shame, but then Mr F Machine suggested we try and record a version for the next Validators album. He laid down a PIANO track at home and sent it to me to add vocals. This was the eventual result - ALAS it didn't feel right when we got round to doing the recordings that became "Still Valid", but I still think it's Quite Nice!

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