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Songs: I Like You

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A dracula in Waitrose
Or a dinosaur in Marks
A spaceship full of Frankensteins
Landing in the car park
None of these are as much of a surprise
As seeing you each evening
On the sofa by my side

Getting struck by lightning
Putting a hole in one
All our numbers coming up
Kanye covering this song
These things are all unlikely but they seem
More probable than someone like you
Ending up with me

I'd write a thank you in the sky
But I don't have a plane
I'd run stark naked down the Mall
Except it looks like rain
I'd write an opera but that takes too long
So instead I will get up and then put the kettle on

Saying it sounds soppy, but it's true
I'm guess that what I'm trying to say is
I like you

In February of space-year 2017 I sat myself down with a list of Song Topics and half-finished lyrics, determined to finish some of them off. One day I had a whole afternoon set aside for this task... and instead wrote this whole song from scratch.

I put it on a "tape" for The Validators (all right a ZIP file, but it felt like doing a tape) along with a whole heap of others, but nobody seemed hugely keen on this one. I liked it a LOT, but for some reason ended up not even recording it properly, instead putting the live version that I'd given The Validators onto "Hibbett's Hoover", a round-up of various bits and bobs which was given to newsletter subscribers to celebrate its 150th edition.

Five years later in stardate 2022 I was getting ready to release s single from my new solo album and suddenly realised that I needed a b-side to go with it. As above, I'd always liked this song so dug it out and, within 48 hours, had recorded and mixed the version that ended up being released. Justice has been served at last!

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