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Songs: I'm Doing The Ironing

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(lyrics pending)

The GENESIS of this song was me suddenly thinking of the "Yes I confess I was staring at your chest" line and GIGGLING about it while out doing some shopping. It has happened to me on several occasions, that I've been inspecting pockets, and I AMUSED MYSELF with the idea of explaining in this way.

The rest of the song took a week or so to sort out, as I continued to AMUSE MYSELF with extra lines. I worried about how I'd put it all into a proper order but, once I sat down to do so, it turned out that I had just the right number of choruses covering just the right topics to make it all work. PHEW.

The song was written during my songwriting EXPLOSION of early 2017, when I went through my Notebook for half-written songs and ideas and ended up writing some new ones too, and it was the one I thought of as THE HIT. Whenever I do the first batch of songs AFTER finishing an album there's always one that is THE HIT (previously it's been "It Only Works Because You're Here", "The Lesson Of The Smiths" and "20 Things To Do Before You're 30" so I was VERY pleased when this one turned up, right on time!

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