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Songs: In The North Stand

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In the 1970s my Grandad would come round
On occasional Saturdays to take me to the football ground
We would go to London Road
And we'd watch the Posh

Well I was only little so I never even thought
It was anything to do with my parents' divorce
But looking back upon it now I think I know
He was sharing a lot more than a packet of poloes

In the North Stand
With my Grandad
In the North Stand

Now London Road's the only place that has remained the same
Since those distant days when we would watch Trevor Quow play
But every time I go there now - smell the grass and hear the noise
I see what patch of wall that I'd be sat on as a boy

In the North Stand
With my Grandad
In the North Stand

So next time you see a football fan getting all sentimental
Don't judge him too harshly - be gentle
For though he may appear to be rowdy, rude and awful
A part of him is probably still sitting on a wall

In the North Stand
With his Grandad
In the North Stand

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This song came about when I was asked to write a song for a Football Songs compilation. It's based on that weird sensation when you're telling somebody an old story and suddenly, thirty years later, realise what's actually going on. As the song says, when I was about seven my parents split up and we moved to Peterborough, near my grandparents and my Grandad started taking me to the football. I never asked myself why until quite recently, and it came as a surprise to realise that he probably wanted to do something for me while all the hassle was going on at home. Or maybe he wanted to help my parents by getting me out of the way!

And also as the song says, London Road really is the only place I went to as a child that I still go now - all the family homes I remember belong to other people now, and much of Peterborough itself has been knocked down and replaced, so yes, I do get a bit sentimental when I go there now!

The trumpet solo in the middle was done by Mr F A Machine with input from myself and Mr T 'The Tiger' McClure saying "Do that bit again". It's based on the classic song 'Posh We Are', but I'm sure you already knew that!

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