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Songs: Let's Have A Go

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Letís have a go!
Letís have a go, whatís the worst that can happen?
Weíre gonna get someone shot off of the planet!
We could do tests, but to be honest
I donít think anyone can really be bothered.

We've built an air pistol to shoot at the moon
We're gonna fire it this afternoon
Will it work? Well yes we think that it should
It seemed like a good idea in the pub.

Let's have a go!
Let's have a go - what's the worst that can happen?
You might miss and hit a different planet?
No, we reckon it should all be good
We're pretty sure the spaceship won't blow up.

Weíll need an astronaut, who'll volunteer?
I'll have a go! Well done Geoffrey - i'll get you a beer!
Do you mind being shot out of a gun?
Not at all - that's my idea of fun!

Let's have a go!
Let's have a go, what's the worst that can happen?
I'm sure you're gonna love it on a different planet.
Well technically, it's a satellite.
Whatevers. I can't be standing round here all night - let's go!

5! 4! 3! 2! 1! FIRE!

Shanklin! We have a problem!
Space has made me come over all funny
Shanklin! Itís like being on the Waltzer
Iíve got a strange sensation in my tummy

Geoffrey, this is Shanklin
Weíve spoken to the medical Department
Geoffrey, theyíve informed us that
There should be some pear drops in the glove compartment

Oh yes, that's much better. Next stop, the Moon!
(Touch wood)

We had a go!
We had a go, and by George it worked
We had a go!
The first Englishman to leave Planet Earth!
We had a go!
Just one little thing I meant to ask -
What's the plan for when you want to come back?

Oh Bugger. I knew there was something.

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

A duet between Geoffrey Livingstone and Harold Wilson about the lack of Health And Safety Legislation in the early British space programme, which turns slightly psychadelic halfway through.

One of my favourite things about performing "Moon Horse" live is in this song, when "Shanklin we have a problem" would almost always get a HUGE LARF. I liked the fact that people GOT it, and I loved the fact that the British Space Programme really WAS based on the Isle Of Wight. RESEARCH!

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