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Songs: Missing The Misery

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And if I said that you were always on my mind
Would you run away?
Or would you say you felt the same way?
We'll never know, 'cos that was fourteen years ago
Still, I guess I miss the misery

And now we're older
Things have become more straightforward
Unrequited love has gone the way of spots
And yes I know that they still flare up now and then
But still I guess I miss the misery

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

After the Braincakes EP came out I was INSPIRED by the idea of 60 second songs and went home and wrote a whole heap of them. This is one of the few fit for public consumption, and was inspired by talking to people younger than me who were still RIDDLED with all the problems of Being Young, as described in the lyrics. I was unsure whether or not I actually MISSED those feelings, and that's what the song's about.

It was recorded during the sessons for Say It With Words but wasn't popular enough in The Focus Group to make it to the final running order - i was surprised by this, as I thought it was lovely, especially that really sparse twinkly synth that Doctor Brown does in the second half - so it ended up being saved for Milk & Baubles a year or so later. I think the melody's really nice I must say, and do still occasionally play it even now.

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