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Songs: Say It With Words

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I could send you an email, I could write you a letter
I could fax you or phone you but it would be better
If I could just say it with words

I could buy you some flowers, some chocolate or rings
And you know that there's loads of songs that I could sing
But I'd rather just say it with words

Using semaphore, sign language, invisible ink
We could go out for a film or a meal or a drink
But I wish I could just say it with words

I wrote you a poem but it didn't rhyme
I tried to enact it but I couldn't mime
All of these things I've got to say to you
What's a poor boy supposed to do?

I'm no man of action but I know what I want
I want to make you a poster in a range of fonts
And then I will say it with words

I could scribble a note in a valentine's card
But my minds a subscriber to the Marquis de Sade
And I just cannot say it with words
I can't say it with words

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This was going to be the title of the album before the song itself even existed, and the tune popped into my head pretty much fully formed in about 20 minutes after finally posting off the pluggers' copies of Born With The Century. The only thing I don't like about it is that "what's a poor boy supposed to do?" bit - that's always sounded weak.
Me and Mr Machine played it at a session for Imperial College Radio in London before we recorded it and he did an AMAZING jazz solo, but we then got drunk and forgot how it went so instead you get this rather more sedate version, accompanied by me humming along over the top of the guitar track. It took a few attempts to get this one right, hence the shout at the end!

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