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Songs: That Was Margaret Thatcher

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Once upon a time ago the devil came a-riding
To the land called England preaching privatising
She spoke of new free markets bringing fresh prosperity
Scrapping public services and no society

Who was this right wing idealogue?
That was Margaret Thatcher
Who screwed the country quite a lot?
That was Margaret Thatcher

Destroyed the rail network, sold public utilities
Turned water gas and telecom to private monopolies

Who laid Poll Taxes on the poor?
That was Margaret Thatcher
Cranked up the coldness of Cold War?
That was Margaret Thatcher

Refusing any sanctions, thus supporting Apartheid
Using soldiers disguised as police to break the miners' strike

"Oh but I have not rested on my laurels, no, lots of modern evils me
For instance, whod you think's keeping Peirs Morgan on TV?"
"I designed Windows Vista, put tinfoil in toothpaste tubes
Changed Marathons to Snickers, pushed Rod Hull off his roof"

Whatevers wrong with Britain nows
Down to Margaret Thatcher
A spiteful vengeful evil cow
That was Margaret Thatcher

"Say what you like about me you always knew just where you stood
Up to our eyeballs in cold shite
Destroying all thats good!"

"They call me...
Thatcher, Thatcher
If evil made a film Id be lead actor
Thatcher, Thatcher
If Satan cut his thumb Id fetch a plaster
Thatcher, Thatcher
If hatred had a back Id be a chiropracter
Thatcher, Thatcher
If good was Dr Who Id be The Master
(and Id refer to the character as Doctor Who as if that was his name)
Thatcher, Thatcher
If virtue was a pube Id be a waxer"

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

"An entirely accurate historical briefing". This song took the MOST research of any, as I had to make sure I had the correct list of actual - or, rather, PUBLICLY KNOWN - evils, and then work out a decent list of SECRET WRONGS.

My favourite EVER performance of this song was during the Edinburgh Fringe, when one woman in the audience got INCREASINGLY IRATE throughout this song. When we got to the lin "Say what you like about me, you always knew just where you stood" you could HEAR her nodding going "YES!" I like to think it was the line immediately following it that caused her to STORM OUT!

Steve always liked to remark that you could tell EXACTLY how geeky the audience was by the reaction to the "I'd constantly refer to the character as Doctor Who" line. Sometimes it was received in polite silence, other times - the MOST GEEKY times - there would be an ALMIGHTY ROAR of recognition!

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