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Songs: The Flashing Santa

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The first time i saw it i couldn't believe how awful it was
Someone in the flats had a five foot Santa, flashing on their door and I thought
Jeez Louise, isn't Trick Or Treat American import enough?
And I must admit that the sight of it would flipping wind me up
Every morning on the way to work, inside my mind I'd murmur
The West Wing, Elvis, Spider-man - this far but mate, not further
You're not part of my culure, and you're not part of my Christmas
My nemesis - the Flashing Santa

Twelve months later he was back and this time he seemed to say
"Hey buddy! Chris Christingle here - happy holidays!"
"And look I've bought some buddies" and sure enough he had
Waving from a Christmas Steam engine, on the next door flat
There was Rudolph, snowmen, and the baby Jesus being adored by a donkey
And Santa even seemed to wink at me when a bulb in one eye went wonky
I said look, you're not part of my culture, and you're not part of my Christmas
You're my nemesis - the Flashing Santa

By the second week the entire street had gone illumination mad
Like a flashing flourescent contagion, spread from a single flat
People came from miles around, and outside our's they'd ask
I wonder why this is the only house that's decided to stay dark?
So I grappled with my conscience and by the start of advent next
I'd been down to Argos for a sign saying "Happy Xmas" with a pulsing X
He may not be part of my culture, but he's now part of my Christmas
He's our old chum - the Flashing Santa

But this year something isn't right - Santa has gone missing
The old guy in the flat has left and he's taken Santa with him
I've scoured the shops for a replacement, but he must have come from Woolworths
There's nothing like him anywhere, I thought until I looked
On ebay, where I paid above the odds for one that's broken -
It said a bulb had gone long long ago, and one of his eyes won't open
And now he's back. On my front door, and he's making Christmas happen
Our cultured friend - the Flashing Santa

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

The music for this one was written entirely by The Validators - we were talking about going into Snug to record our cover version of "Deanshanger" for a Prolapse Tribute Album, and Tim suggested we do this year's Christmas Song at the same time. I countered by suggesting we do BOTH songs using The Prolapse Method (i.e. singer not going into the studio!) and so we did, with all my bits for both songs being done at home.

I'd been warned that it was a bit "melancholy" so I was expecting GOTH, but I found it to be rather DELIGHTFUL. I spent a while trying to get going with the words, but then as soon as that first line entered my BRANE the rest flowed pretty easily.

We started talking about the video, and Frankie suggested some photographs by Mr Will Stone, which he'd recently exhibited. Will sent us THE LOT and I spent several very festive November hours creating a slide show for them. Lovely!

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