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Songs: We Are The Giant Robots

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We are The Giant Robots
That's who were are
We are not here to mess around
So you had better write it down
Capital T and G and R

We are The Giant Robots
"The Giant Robots" is our name
Any other appellation
Would be pointless affectation
We'd be physically unchanged

We are The Giant Robots
This is your lucky day
Feel free to admire
But stay out of our way

We are The Giant Robots
And what you see is what you get
We always speak as we find
And say whatever's on our mind
We're not Politically Correct

We are The Giant Robots
We're humble about our success
We hardly mention it because
When you're as brilliant as us
We're know you're already impressed

We are The Giant Robots
We're big and we're strong and we're grey
We're right about everything
We're great

Why have you come to Earth?
You may well ask
We're here to repossess
Our dinosaur servants
But we'll take you instead
You'll be less cumbersome
You'll be cleaner around the house
And you've got opposable thumbs

We are The Giant Robots
Here's good news for the Human Race
You're going to be
Our new slaves

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is one of the BATCH of songs that I wrote on the weekend of January 17/18th 2009. The "chorus" had been in my head all week, as had the first verse, but I was a bit stuck for where to go with hit... until I realised that I could make them Giant Robot versions of Geoff Boycott/Jeremy Clarkson, and the rest fell pretty easily into place. I even managed to stick in a bit that moves the plot forward, Andrew Lloyd Webber eat your heart out!

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