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Songs: We'll Be Such Friends

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It's been so lonely on the moon
But now that’s changed 'cos here is you!

We’ll be such friends
We’ll have such fun together
We will watch soppy 50’s films and then
Have scrabble tournaments

We’ll be such friends
Just you and me forever
We will mount midnight raids upon the fridge
And teach each other Bridge

We’ll be such friends
Who’ll part us? No-one never
We’ll do each others hair and maybe one day
Put on a play!

Put on a play? Just the two of us? That’s ridiculous!
Oh I don’t know
I think it might work!

Think of all the jigsaws we will make!
All the cocoa we will drink, all the home-made chocolate cake!
You will never ever ever want to leave!
Let’s write it on the kitchen calendar, for our anniversaries!

We’ll be such friends!
You and me forever!
You and me and wholesome home made fun
Living on the moon

It will be great!
It all sounds great
And no means of escape?
No no, the jolly japes will never end
Because we’ll be such friends
You’re my best friend!

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Tiddy's first big number, where he expresses the hope that his loneliness will soon be over... a hope which is about to be unwittingly CRUSHED by Geoffrey Livingstone.

When i first wrote the show Tiddy was based on someone I used to know who I found INCREDIBLY annoying, who was forever going RIGHT over the top like this. However, Tiddy ended up being pretty much everyone's favourite character - does that make me EVIL?

Also of note in this song is the way that the HIGH NOTES got HIGHER and the HELD SILENCE at the end got LONGER the further into the run we got!

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