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Songs: Where Is My Torch?

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Where is my torch
That I was carrying for so long?
I put it down to put my antlers on
And when I looked back it had gone

Where is my torch?
Because it's getting dark again
So I'm ignoring common sense
Yes, I know, we'll always be friends

And it's a medieval ideal of chivalry
That condemns me to live a life of celibacy
A bunny on percussion sells me batteries
So if you ever need a light you can get a light from me
Get a light from me

Where is my torch?
Because this was never in the plan
That I'd become a matchstick man
And it's starting to burn my hand

Where is my torch?

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

The surprise hit of the Focus Group exercise, this one came out Toppermost of the Poppermost, which was surprising to ME. It was originally going to be done by me all by myself, and it was only done by the band because (after learning about 20) I was running out of songs. I am GLAD that I did tho, as this sounds LOVELY. The album version was meant to fade out, but it all sounded so nice we kept it all in. I like the IMAGERY, it is VERY extended metaphorically, and features several BITS that I've been meaning to use up for ages (especially the "burning my hand" bit). I also like it because the IDEA of the song is not a common one e.g. trying to get back round to fancying someone again to fill a gap after stopping an relationship, and not quite being able so to do.

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