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Blog: Back In Blighty

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Good morning, one and all! At long last I'm back home, and I must say it feels GOOD to be here. Sometimes it's only when you finally GET Back To Normal that you realise just how GRATE Normal really is!

After i last BLOGGED we headed off to KATOOMBA in The Blue Moutains for several days. I stayed HERE with my parents, and the picture of the living room is actually the one we stayed in, with that being my BEDROOM of an evening! It's an AMAZING place - there's another picture HERE which gives you some idea of how ON THE EDGE it all is. It was like The Grand Canyon, but with TREES!

I spent a nice day with my brother Thomas and his girlfriend wandering the rain forest, and then a pleasant evening eating CURRY with the bride and grooms families... although i did spend quite a bit of that time FREAKING OUT, as this meant that members of MY family who are usually very very seperate were suddenly sat chatting to each other!

The wedding itself was LOVELY - James and Suzie got married on a lookout with an INCREDIBLE view of the mountains behind them and i managed NOT to drop any rings into the canyon. The reception was ACE, the food was GRATE, and i did a LOT of mingling around. The speeches went well - i helped Jim with his a bit (note to anybody in attendance: that joke about Steve Irwin was NOT present when i last heard it!) and had spent a LOT of time working on mine, which seemed to all work out all right. The day later went on to the PUB where there was a LOT of booze drunk. When we finally got back to our CHALET I ended up STRIDING OUT to Echo Point saying "I'm going to look at THE UNIVERSE! It's a BEAUTIFUL UNIVERSE everybody!"

By the way, i should say - you know people in Australia go on about how they like beer to be cold? They are NOT making it up - CRIKEY! I have RARELY felt as English as I did whilst drinking Australian Beer, it is SO VERY COLD it ACTUALLY HURTS!! I was very pleasantly surprised to find there's actually LOTS of really nice beer over there, but HECKERS! It is FREEZING!

Anyway, next day we all went over to my brother's IN-LAWS' country PAD, which was lovely, even though i was suffering under a COLOSSAL hangover. There were loads of very emotional goodbyes and on the way home we saw a KANGAROO, which was very exciting! Next day there were more goodbyes and then it was time to get the train back to Sydney, another train to the airport (which doesn't look anything like it did on Lost!), where I had one last SCHOONER of AMBER ALE (lovely) before setting off home.

I tell you what, the next time i hear somebody say "It's a Small World" I shall have to CORRECT them, for it REALLY ISN'T! Blimey! It was a LONG old trip home, and i was EXTREMELY HAPPY to find myself pulling my faithful suitcase down Leytonestone High Road yesterday morning. I really liked Australia - it's a nice place full of LOVELY people - but goodness me, it's REALLY good to be home again!

posted 14/11/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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