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Blog: Back To Business

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Shortly after i BLOGGED yesterday The JetLag caught up with me and i had to go home and get into bed. I was KNACKERED. I seem to be feeling a bit better today, which is just as well as we are BACK TO BUSINESS, and the business is ROCK!

I've just confirmed a couple more GIGS, one in Leicester and yet another in CAMBRIDGE, this time with a few Validators added in. The Leicester one is another promotional evening for the new Sorted compilation, which is now being released on December 4th via Shellshock, and is called Hollow Smoke. It features 20 songs from various Sorted TYPES, with my song being The Story Of My Life. You should be able to get it from shops and Amazon then, and hopefully from the Sorted Records site too.

It's all go again - and tonight i am off to see some ROCK, in the shape of Art Brut. Full Report tomorrow!

posted 15/11/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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