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I know I said that yesterday's BATCH was the last bit of STATS I'd be doing for this year, but I realised i could do another rather THRILLING one, so I've stuck it up. It's a table of Validator ACTION which EXCITINGLY shows which of my COHORTS have played the most gigs this year.

I generated the RAW DATA for this whilst updating my records of 2006's gigs, the FRUITS of which (extensive) labour can now be seen on the 2006 Gigs Page. I've been through and written a brief recap of what happened at each and every gig, and added in a LINK back to the BLOG entry I wrote about each one. It's FACT TASTIC! It also reminded me of some really GOOD FUN gigs I did, like in Glasgow and Reading, for instance, as well as CHALLENGING me to find ways to be diplomatic about a few that were LESS fun. I am TEMPTED to do some sort of GIG RANKING for MOST and LEAST FUN gigs of the year, however I have a feeling that might get into the realms of UNPLEASANTNESS if I have to DERIDE some as Almost NO Fun At All, and after all they are ALL my Gig Children, it would be WRONG to cast any of them down.

So instead I'll probably try and get on with doing the multimedia for the next single - for LO! That is THE FUTURE!

posted 10/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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