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Blog: Top Ten Gigs Of The Year

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OK, i know I said I wasn't going to do this... but i did it anyway. It's the TOP TEN GIGS of 2006 that i did, chosen by ME. Hey, i was the only person who was AT most of them (and for a few i was also most of the people who were there at the time) so who better to choose than ME eh? Answer: NOBODY.
1. The Brook Inn, Cumbria (27 October)
2. Lamacq Live Session, London (17 July)
3. Bunkers Hill Inn, Nottingham (27 July)
4. Pinup Flights, Glasgow (13 October)
5. The Living Room, Cambridge (7 December)
6. The Living Room, Cambridge (22 June)
7. Carpe Diem, Leeds (4 March)
8. The Union Tavern, London (29 December)
9. Firebug, Leicester (25 July)
10. 3B's, Reading (18 October)

Bubbling Under:
The Good Ship, London (26 October)
University of Sheffield Students' Union, Sheffield (28 October)
Sumo, Leicester (14 December)

That's NOT to say, of course, that the others weren't ALSO GRATE, because the vast majority of them REALLY WERE, it's just that those are the ones that made me GRIN the most when I looked through the list, and filled me with FOND MEMORIES. For instance, from a CAREER IN ROCK point of view playing to a pub in a tiny village probably wouldn't make it to the number one spot, but as far as having LARKS and GOOD TIMES go, it really should. In fact MOST of them got in the list due to what happened AROUND the gig ,like having to get TOUGH in Leeds or just having a GRATE night out in Glasgow, rather than any Proper ROCK reasons. You can read the full details by clicking the venue names in the list, should you so wish.

I also, in a fit of DATABASE ACTION, made my own RATING system for all the gigs I've done ranking them on a scale of 1-5, with 1 representing the time we played at Nottingham Social after everyone had gone home and 5 representing... Well, that gig in Cleator Moor, really. I'll not go into TOO much detail, but it's nice to see that 76% of ALL my gigs this year were, according to ME, in the range GOOD-GRATE-VERY GRATE whilst only 8% were ACTUALLY SLIGHTLY UPSETTING (excuse the technical terminology). That's pretty good going, i reckon!

The EVEN MORE INTERESTING thing about it is to compare the average JOY depending on whether I was solo or with The Vlads. On Average VLADS gigs were almost one whole GRADE better than Solo gigs. Or, to put it another way they were 18% MORE GOOD - Solo gigs were, on average, GOOD whilst Vlads gigs bordered on GRATE. CORKS!

The moral, obviously, is to take Vladimators with me whenever possible, to ensure GRATENESS - is this one of those Research Projects you hear about on the news when the conclusion makes everybody go "Well OBVIOUSLY, I could have told you that"? I think: YES.

posted 12/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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