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Blog: Weekend of Intense ROCK

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You find me glad of the BREATHER afforded by being at work, for LO! it has been a busy weekend. On Saturday i ventured into TOWN with The Prices On My Reciept for various Shopping, Lunching, and PUB items of business including, EXCITINGLY, buying a new computer! WHOO! Rather delightfully it's not coming for a week and a bit, so I'll have time to a) mentally b) physically c) emotionally prepare myself for switching over from the old one which I've had for about seven years. It also means i get to use the - THRILLINGLY BRILLIANT - portable hard drive i got the other week. It's LIKE a hard drive... but PORTABLE! I'm am a little surprised by HOW excited i am about this tiny bit of hardware (it's got more memory than my computer at home and my computer at work PUT TOGETHER! And it's TINY!) but i am ENJOYING the sensation.

ANYWAY, whilst enjoying a Well Deserved Pint at the end of our expedition into commerce i got a call from Claire Dicko, she of Kooba Radio, Virgin Stores Radio, Xfm and, most brilliantly, The Voice Of Film 4. She was recording some people saying "Hello!" for the show she works for on FM, so i RATHER GLAMOROUSLY recorded it there and then in THE PUB. "Ah, the work of an International Rock Star never ends!" said The Sparkle In My Tinsel when it was over, and i was forced to agree.

Next day I got an email from Rachel from The Friends Of The Heroes asking me to take part in this Spoken Word Songs PROJECT she's doing. She's getting lots of different people to read stories she'd written over music by (i think) her band - sounds like a SMASHING idea to me, so i am GEARING UP my VOICEOVER MUSCLES in preparation.

I also got a rather GROOVY email from Mr Jamieson Sutcliffe. Jamie is a pal of MANY MANY years standing who came to my gig in Leicester at Sumo at the end of the year and took part in the VAN GAME, where we all stood round making up song titles involving the word VAN. You might not be surprised to discover that DRINK had been taken at this point, and also that it got funnier as MORE drink was "used".

He was obviously MOVED by the occasion and so has started a WEBSITE dedicated to it GO JAMIE!

And finally I done went and wrote yet ANOTHER new song, DINOSAUR PLANET, based LYRICALLY on an idea for a FILM i've been carting around with me for years and MUSICALLY on some of the tunes that Mr Francis Albert Machine sent me. In about fifteen minutes I'm off again to Studio Sonic to record a demo of it, along with the other songs I've done recently AND a Mystery Cover Version. News of how it goes, NEXT time!

posted 15/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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