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Blog: A Million Ukeleles (again)

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Bank Holiday Weekend UPDATE! After several weeks of GRADUAL EFFORT I've finally finished writing A Million Ukeleles , and it's up to look at RIGHT NOW, along with fairly copious A Million Ukeleles. FULLY ANNOTATED!

Hope everyone's having a nice bank holiday weekend [in TERRITORIES where this applies], and if anybody's heading to Sheffield tomorrow, I'll see you there!

posted 6/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Well, Hibbett, I hope you're happy! I've only gone a bought one of the damn things!

It was a bargain at
posted 6/5/2007 by mark glanville

Anyone with a uke, or thinking about acquiring one, read the song book and chord charts here!
posted 6/5/2007 by Dan

Well done Mr Glanville, i am PROUD to have got you to do so - you'll not regret it! Mr Haldane's link is an EXCELLENT one, tho it seems not to work properly on that link - try this one, and HAPPY STRUMMING!
posted 6/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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