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Blog: Form Filling And Neil Gaiman

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I spent a LARGE part of this weekend TOILING over forms and burning CDs, ready to send Do The Indie Kid transformed into 300 real live vinyl SINGLES, and 0-Infinity virtual Online Downloads. As usual I had half forgotten what an old FAFF it is to get it all organised (THIS, i guess, is why LABELS exist!) and COMPLETELY forgotten how expensive vinyl singles are. CRIKEY! It's going to cost more than it did to put the last ALBUM out, for about 1/3 as many copies! NOW i remember how amazed I was when we did the FIRST album, by how CHEAP is was compared to vinyl singles.

STILL, hopefully it will be an item of BEAUTY - release date is now VERY tentatively set for 7 April, tho it will be available to pre-order a week or so beforehand for people on the mailing list. ALSO, I'm planning to send it out to some Indie Discos, so any top tips gratefully received!

The OTHER thing I did over the weekend was GOGGLE in WONDER as the hits for the Alan Moore song pretty much DOUBLED over Saturday night. I logged on on Sunday morning to find a FLOOD of emails about it, and wondered what on earth could have happened. As it turns out, the reason was that it got mentioned by the MIGHTY Neil Gaiman on his blog. Neil Gaiman! That's bonkers, ESPECIALLY as he properly embedded it so, right in the middle of learned talk of book tours and The Writing Process, there's me and my ukelele, BELLOWING!

It's lovely when things like that happen - it's what i REALLY like about doing this whole Business Of Rock in the sort of half-arsed/Gentleman Amateur type way that we do it, rather than trying to be Corporate or Rock about it. Although it means i DO have to spend large parts of a weekend filling in forms that other people would have OFFICES full of people to do for them, it also means that lovely things like this have a habit of happening. Status: CHUFFED!

posted 18/2/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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Well, I just discovered you from Neil's page too, and what can I say, you rock :) apart from the fantastic Moore song, "Hey Hey 16k" and "I did a gig in New York" are all-time faves already.

Now I'm trying to find out how to buy your stuff, and on payday I'll be ready with plastic in hand...
posted 18/2/2008 by GiacomoL

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