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Blog: Only 364 Weeks To Go!

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I went to the PUB last night for the vital Edinburgh DEBRIEF meeting with Mr S Hewitt which ended up being something of a MICROCOSM of our week there - we drank beer, ate curry, watched some of the Olympics and spoke to Steve Lamacq! Once again he dropped in, this time on the way to talk to the Stuart Maconie who was sat on the other side of the pub, it was a GLITTERING ARRAY! What a lovely man that Mr Lamacq is tho, he was all EXCITED about the Live Satellite Link Up, and i was moved to give him a BIG HUG. Aaah!

Mr Hewitt and I had SERIOUS BUSINESS to attend to tho, and DID - I am very happy to announce that we agreed a BIG YES to going back to Edinburgh next year, hopefully doing TWO weeks in the same venue (if possible) at a SLIGHTLY later time! HOORAH! All we need now is a SHOW!

posted 21/8/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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I will do my best to see you there next year, on one condition. You have to fix the colour scheme on here, black on red has no contrast and I am squinting to read this still.
posted 21/8/2008 by Pauly

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