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Blog: Bank Holiday Update

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As the world reflects on a GRATE Olympic games and the British Nation feels an overwhelming sense of RELIEF that Boris managed to keep his hands out of his pockets for most of the closing ceremony and DIDN'T fall over/grope one of the volunteers/drop the flag, it's time for a small UPDATE on some gig bits.

ITEM! I've just confirmed a VERY last minute gig in BIRMINGHAM this Friday night (29th) at The Actress & Bishop, with the very lovely Graham Parsnip Liquidiser Torture Think-Tank. This is rather fab as a) it's been AGES since I've played with them and b) it's the night before the traditional Ray's Mum's Back Garden FESTIVAL in Stourbridge, so should all work out RATHER nicely.

ITEM! I've also just confirmed my first foray into the world of THE DISC JOCKEY! ZOINKS! I am going to be manning the WHEELS OF STEEL at The Hangover Lounge in That London on October 12th, and GOODNESS KNOWS how I'll get on with it. Even now I am SOURCING a klaxon, a posse and some of them lights that flash on and off in time to the music. SCREAM IF YOU WANT TO GO FASTER!

ITEM! I'm currently looking around for possible venues to do a mini-tour of My Exciting Life in ROCK later in the year, so if anybody has any ideas for good places to do that, do please get in touch. In the mean time I've done a quick update to the webpage with some REVIEWS, and have remembered that the interview I did for ThreeWeeks is now online, should you wish to read it.

And that's about the lot I think. I return now to my TASK of trying to remember how to play some songs that WEREN'T in the show - it feels like MONTHS since I played any of them!

posted 24/8/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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