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ITEM! I don't think I mentioned it below, but last night's gig was my SIXTIETH of the year! Last year i was all impressed on getting to 60 just before the end of December, THIS year I've done that many with 2 months to go - IN YOUR FACE, 2007! I'm really really really NOT going to try and go for 70...

ITEM! This month's NEWSLETTER had just gone out. It is PACKED with FACT.

ITEM! More Songs For Adverts ACTION today, as this morning I finished a song called "So, Hello" for John The Publisher to pitch for a deodorant advert. It was RUM AND A HALF, largely as I was singing in the guise of a AMERICAN HOBO. I somehow doubt it'll get chosen, but if it does I already have an ALIAS for gigging the song: MUNTJAC HIGHWAY! He's the singing hobo with a taste for TEA!

ITEM! I'm going to try and get some of these advert songs up on the SONGS pages soon, so's you can see what I've been on about with them. I'd LIKE to stick them up with the adverts they were written for, but I don't think that's allowed!

ITEM! And finally, as mentioned in the newsletter, I'm taking part in MOVEMBER this year, growing myself a MOUSTACHE. If anyone else would like to get on board there's information on the official page, and if anybody fancies SPONSORING me to do it you can do so via my JustGiving Page. Proceeds from my tonsorial hijinks will be going to Marie Curie Cancer Care, as they are GRATE.

posted 31/10/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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