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Blog: Reviews, and TIM SPEAKS

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It's been a while since we've had a REVIEWS ROUND-UP, and as there's been a few more in I thought I'd SHARE, as follows:
Russell's Reviews
"A very fine album indeed" - thanks!

Adrian Denning
a whole LIST of bands who, of course, we are FAR too young to ever have heard of...

Is This Music?
"Hibbett's singing style - not really technically gifted " What the?!?

Whisperin' and Hollerin'
Tim saves Album!

One thing that stands out a LOT, in many of our reviews this time around and especially in these, is that everyone seems to think we deliberately made the album sound like OLD SKOOL INDIE. Personally I'm very happy to have the comparison - I guess that's what we ARE - but Producer Pattison seems somewhat confused about why this should happen. The Wedding Present, The Fall and ESPECIALLY Half Man Half Biscuit keep cropping up in comparisons - it's almost like that makes up most of his record collection!

And talking of The Most Important Punk In The Country, Mr Pattison speaks about his time in Prolapse over on A Layer Of Chips. It is a DELIGHTFUL READ from start to finish - especially the bit about Mercury Rev!

posted 17/6/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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i think you need to make the biog you're sending out with the cd a bit clearer, in those 4 reviews REER is said to be either the THIRD or the EIGHTH album!
posted 18/6/2009 by ray k is foreign

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