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Blog: Poor Old Michael Jackson

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We've just been sat, probably like The Rest Of The Nation, watching the Michael Jackson interview. And, hopefully, like the rest of the nation, we've been saying "That poor, poor sod."

The first third of it was quite a surprise - when he was talking about inspiration coming out of the air, or climbing a tree to think, I thought "Yeah! Hey, why not eh? Why shouldn't he climb a tree?" But then when he went shopping, it started to become clear that he was a very sad, lonely and overwhelming BORED man who really wasn't well in the head at all. Unfortunately so many people were making so much money out of his misery it seemed that no-one's ever tried to help, and have just helped him to get whatever mad thing he wants.

At least with Elvis it was beer and drugs and strippers, mind you he also pretty extraordinary taste in Interior D
posted 3/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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