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We had a DELIGHTFUL weekend just gone, as we my parents came over for a couple of days of CULTURE. On Friday The Genes In My DNA and I went with to look at The Fourth Plinth (not much going on) and then a stroll around The National Gallery. I love the National Gallery,it is MEGA BRILL, PACKED with Hit After Hit After Hit of the world of ART. Call me A KRAZY ICONOCLAST but I particularly like going and having a good old LOOK at The Haywain. I think it's GRATE.

On Saturday morning we regrouped for the second half of the WALK we did last year around "Dickens' London". We stopped at The Templar's Church in Lincoln's Inn Fields but had a hard job getting back there as, for some reason, those bits of London appear to be LOCKED SHUT on weekends. We eventually found a way in via a car park, but getting OUT again was equally different. There lovely, the Inns Of Court, a bit of London I never realised were even THERE and it seems that Those In Charge want to KEEP it as secret as possible by locking them up. Later on we had a FINE old time wandering round Gray's Inn Fields but had to SQUEEZE our way out of a gate that had been left SLIGHTLY AJAR in order to avoid doubling back on 20 minute's worth of walking.

It was especially weird for me as these are bits i STROLL through some days on the way to work so was used to them being free and open. It was GORGEOUS tho and I'd HIGHLY recommend a wander through the area if you find yourself in The City Of London on a weekday. Or on a weekend, if you have a crowbar to hand.

We finished up the walk with a visit to the Dickens' House Museum which was GRATE. I am on record as LOVING a good Museum Of One Thing and this was a VERY good museum of one thing. Ooh, it made me want to nip home and READ me some LITERATURE, it was PACKED with FACTS but, because it was all made to fit into a single house, there wasn't too much with which to OUT-FACT you.

Duly CULTURED we went to The Lamb for some lunch then went down to The British Museum for some more HITS, of which it has MANY MANY MANY. We went and GOGGLED at the amazing slice of HUMAN CIVILISATION that is The Rosetta Stone before wandering upstairs in search of The Vindolanda Tablets pausing to go "COR!" at things like the Lewis Chessmen and The Sutton Hoo HOARD.

Museums! ROCK!

After all that, it was time for TEA and The Treasures In My Hoard had had the GRATE idea of going to Brick Lane, where we had DELICIOUS CURRY before saying our farewells and pledging next time to have a go at doing the same sort of thing, but with THE BEATLES. CULTURE! It's GRATE!

posted 7/9/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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