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Blog: Video and More Dinosaurs

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Here's a LOVELY video by the eFestivals people all about Indietracks. I recommend it because it is a charming (brief) picture of a GRATE weekend... and not at all because it has a large CHUNK of my gig on the train in the middle of it. All right, maybe partly because of that - I do remember them doing the filming and wondering what on earth was going on, it was very hard to miss anything in a train that RAMMED!

In other news work continues apace on the video for My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once - I sent a copy of the SHOOTING SCRIPT (that's right - SHOOTING SCRIPT! Nous sommes tres PROFESSIONALS n'est pas?) to The Vlads and, at the weekend, they went and FILMED huge chunks of it. It looks GRATE - the little section where "he was pleased, to say the least" and then "he's got a brand new band" make me LARF like a LOONIE every time I watch them, and i have watched them MANY MANY TIMES. I'm hoping to get it done in the next couple of weeks - October 19 is the official release day for it, but the CDs should be available to newsletter subscribers a bit before then. There'll be emails, don't worry!

And talking of LARFING, as I recently was, I have been doing a lot of that just lately as I work my way through the SCRIPT for the album version of Dinosaur Planet, which we should be starting on soon. I know it is UNBECOMING to LARF at your own words but honestly, when you've got Space Dinosaurs from Space, talking like Pirates while dancing the hornpipe, it's hard not to. Stand by for the first CLASSIC CONCEPT ALBUM of the 2010s!

posted 16/9/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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