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Blog: Wish You Were Here

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Greetings from the delightful holiday resort of Costa Del Leytonstone, where I'm having a relaxING, tho not neccesarily relaxFUL holiday.

I make the EXCITING DISTINCTION because there's not been a lot of lying around by the pool (or "puddle" as the locals delightfully call it) but there HAS been a lot of things done that have needed doing for AGES, and the completion of these tasks has EASED my MIND. The main example of this is the MASSIVE CLEAROUT that has gone on. I actually started this in December 2007 (i know the date because everything seems to have stop being FILED by then!) but since then things have ACCRUED hugely. On Saturday morning i awoke with THE URGE TO PURGE and got GOING - clothese were sorted and put away/thrown out/allocated to CHARITY. Desk drawers and The Bureau were emptied and then similarly recategorised, as were CDs, DVDs, books, comics, musical instruments, cables and EVERYTHING. It took a long HURRICANE-like day of ACTION but by the end of the day it was DONE. HA!

On Sunday we went into TOWN to look at Colombia Road Flower Market, which was lovely although I was a bit alarmed to find loads of YOUNG people there, poncing around saying "ooh let's meet for breakfast". It was SUNDAY MORNING - surely people under thirty aren't ALLOWED to be out and about at that time? I FEAR for the YOUNG!

It was Open House Day, and we visited TWO places - first of all a MASSIVE International Legal Firm called Allen and Overy (i think) who had an AMAZING building featuring lots of ART and a PATIO GARDEN on the sixth floor. It was Quite Impressive, tho I could see why they did a BAG SEARCH on the way in because even the most mild mannered type like ME would harbour REVOLUTIONARY thoughts after seeing such WEALTH. They had a whole floor that was a GYM!

Back in sunny Leytonstone we also went into our local Church and accidently got HORN SWAGGLED into attending a Bell Ringing Workshop. It was FASCINATING - they told us all about the PATTERNS that British Bells are rung in, and explained how they work. Suddenly I felt the DESIRE to become a CAMPANOLOGIST and could feel the delicious sensation of my BRANE EXPANDING as it took in all this new knowledge. AMAAAAZING!

Then we went and watched the main stage at the festival, where loads and loads of "talents" came on and sang to backing tapes. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them did an acapella song first, told us to make some noise, then did two pretty much indistinguishable songs (I didn't realise that the term "urban" actual just means "in the club style") before thanking us profusely and running off. The compere was GRATE, however, but what we really wanted was ASWAD.

Yes, ASWAD - Leytonstone Car Free Day seems to have a MIGHTY PULL with the Greats Of The Early Eighties Ska/Reggae scene, as in previous years we've had The Selecter and The Beat, who were GRATE, but it all went on so long that I finally had ENOUGH and came home to carry out my OWN little bit of ROCK HISTORY...

posted 22/9/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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