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Happy Easter everybody, hope you've been having a DELIGHTFUL break. Mine has featured a day out in Market Harborough (which is EVEN LOVELIER than I dared hope) and a trip to Peterborough where myself, Mr P Myland, and Mr T Pattison (returned briefly from MAURITIUS) so Peterborough United go down FIGHTING to Newcastle United. It felt like a HEROIC EFFORT in A Cup Clash versus a far superior team from several divisions above us... sadly it was the same league and pretty much how the whole season's gone, but STILL: the curry afterwards was WELL EARNED.

But I've ALSO been busy on the ROCK FRONT, and you can see the results for yourself over on the Indietracks Blog, where I have done a cover version of "Dreaming" by My Current Favourite Band, Allo Darlin'. In a SPECIAL way.

I meant to say in the video, but FORGOT in all the excitement, that I think it'd be a GRATE idea for LOADS of bands playing Indietracks to cover songs by OTHER bands playing the festival. I think this would be DELIGHTFUL, also FUN - i certainly had a MEGA BRILL time doing mine!

posted 5/4/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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I have been to Market Harborough approximately once, with the GLORIOUS Canadian pop band Diskettes. We watched no football.
posted 28/4/2010 by Ray

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