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Blog: Launch Day

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At last the GRATE day has dawned, when Forest Moon Of Enderby is FINALLY released into the world.

If you'd like a LISTEN you can do so from our bandcamp page or on Spotify. Awhole HEAP of our albums have just turned up there too, which is VERY exciting!

And once you've had a listen you can, should you wish, PURCHASE it in a variety of exciting ways. You can get it direct from us, online shops like AMAZON (where we're currently RIDING HIGH in the Top 35,000!), download sites such as iTunes or INDEED from ACTUAL SHOPS, not least those MARVELLOUS people at The Sheffield Phonographic Corporation!

I must say I'm RATHER impressed/amazed by the fact that EVERYTHING seems to have come together so well - it's everywhere it should be! This pretty much never happens normally, HOORAH!

Whichever way you choose to hear it, I REALLY hope you enjoy it - we're dead pleased with how it's all turned out!

posted 18/10/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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