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Blog: It's oh so nice to come home

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I'm BACK, I say BACK BACK in the U of K, home from a LOVELY holiday in Menorca. We had a BRILLIANT time, thanks for asking, I am now TANNED and HAIRY, as this morning it was hard enough getting out of bed to come to work, without attacking my face with a razor blade. London has never looked as GRUBBY as it did to me this morning coming in.

It was FANTASTIC though - we went to exactly the same resort as last year and REVELLED in Knowing Where Things Are, which gave us even more time to loaf around and RELAX. Low Points were: ANTS in the first apartment we were given (the Lead In My Pencil had WORDS with the management, and we got moved); the previously mentioned Joy In My Heart being STRICKEN with a nasty cold for a couple of days; the person in charge of money (hem hem) getting it RONG and us running out of cash. Twice. High Points: the lovely, easy going atmosphere; the GLORIOUS sunny weather; swimming in THE MED, sitting in a bar in Mahon listening to PROPER Jazz being played by two blokes larking about; a boat trip; going back to Fornells to find the miniscule "beach" had been DEVELOPED; Holiday Cooking; and over all that the PLEASURE in hanging around with each other for a whole week without having to worry about anything else.

It was, in short, BLOODY GRATE.

posted 9/9/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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