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Blog: The Hardest Job In The World

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This week i have FINALLY forced myself to sit down and start learning my LINES for Moon Horse. It's HARD WORK - not because it's particularly difficult, but because it's SO VERY DULL. Man alive! Just the thought of having to start doing it fills me with DREAD - you know when actors bang on about how "difficult" their job of PRETENDING THINGS is? I start to wonder whether they talk about EMOTIONS and that all the time just to disguise the fact that actually the difficult comes from the main effort being so BORING. Once the words are IN your head, of course, it is all good times and LARKS, but this bit his rotten.

Still, they do seem to be gradually going in all right. I'm mostly doing it on the TUBE of a morning, learning a SCENE at a time and then spending the rest of the day repeating it inside my MIND like some kind of LOONIE - if you see me wandering around talking to myself over the next few weeks FEAR NOT: i am learning my lines. If you see me doing it at any other point in time... er... that's just me agreeing with myself.

The nice side effect of all this is that I'm starting to think that this new show might be QUITE GOOD. Little chunks of it are already filtering into my everyday thought processes and conversation (e.g. "That wouldn't be... TOO difficult to organise" and "By Moon Poo Defeated!") which is a good sign, and I've even ALMOST got the order of the PLOT arranged in my head. There's a lot of going backwards and forwards this time - Dinosaur Planet was LINEAR to the MAX, but this one's in THREE segments, the first two of which run alongside each other, so it's not QUITE as straightforward. In fact I would advise people coming to see it to watch it TWICE, just to make sure they get the full effect. It works for Doctor Who, why can't it work for me?

posted 10/5/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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