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Blog: Getting Better Acquainted

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On Saturday morning I LITERALLY crossed over to the other side of the tracks, venturing from my home in downtown Lower Leytonstone into the scenic scented glades of Upper Leytonstone. Come to think of it, I actually went UNDER the tracks (of the tube line) to get there, but still, it was a voyage into a different world, where things were Slightly Tidier.

I was off on this adventure to meet Mr D Pickering, who'd asked me to take part in his podcast PROJECT Getting Better Acquainted. The idea of this is for him to Get Better Acquainted with various people he knows, from people he LIVES with to... well, people like me, who've met him only a couple of times in Real Life, and several more on The Interweb.

I arrived at his house and we went up to the ATTIC where he had a microphone set up for our chat and, rather brilliantly, a FRUIT PLATTER. I felt like a Hollywood A-Lister - there were GRAPES! PINEAPPLE! Also FRESH COFFEE! We started chatting away about Items Various and then realised that, actually, this was exactly the sort of thing we should be RECORDING, so DID. There then followed nearly 90 minutes of amiable DISCUSSION, ranging over all SORTS of subjects, and it was GRATE! As anyone who knows me personally will tell you I really HATE to talk about myself - can't bear it - and will often stop for breath after only an hour or so (hem hem) but there was no stopping the THORTS between us as we discussed ART, POLITICS and ZX SPECTRUMS. I could FEEL my brain tingling as we strode manfully through the subject areas, and was even slightly disappointed when we had to wind up.

I had an EXCELLENT time - the interview should be up in about 3 weeks, I think, and I will obviously ALERT THE WORLD when it's available. There's plenty of others that are well worth a listen over on the webpage tho - it's a really simple idea for a THING, basically just interviewing someone for the HECK of it, and Dave does it really well.

He also knows a thing or two about our shared HOOD, advising me that The Red Lion (or maybe just The Lion now) on Leytonstone High Road has changed for THE VERY MUCH BETTER. It used to be a terrifying/loud South African themed pub that had been SHUT for a year or two, but when The Beer In My Pint Glass and I popped in on Sunday afternoon for a RECCE we discovered that, as Mr Pickering had said, it was LOVELY. There were TEN (10) - TEN!! - real ales on tap! In Leytonstone! I think I might have to go and have another look, just to check I didn't DREAM it!

posted 11/7/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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