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Blog: Ten Years!

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I met with The Years In My Decade last night for an evening of ROMANCE and EXCITEMENT, for LO! It was our tenth - TENTH! TENTH!! - Anniversary!

TEN YEARS! Shackled to ME! I hope the entire interweb will rise as one and salute/commisserate with this amazing achievement! We met at St Pancras as it is a) LOVELY b) very important to our Early Courting, what with us travelling between Leicester and London a lot. It struck us that they must get LOADS of Anniversary Business, as MILLIONS of people must have commuted thus in the past, and it's got SO MANY decent places for a drink and/or snacks. We tried to get into The Booking Office but it was RAMMED, so strolled down to The Champagne Bar instead. I've said it before and will continue to state it LOUDLY and PROUDLY: COR! St Pancras is just ACE isn't it? I bet people who courted via London Bridge go to RESTAURANTS in SHAME instead.

We then ZIPPED to London's Fashionable West End to try and buy some TICKETS for "Jersey Boys" the MUSICAL. It was HEAVING it down with rain when we got off the tube and we had to HOP and DASH through the DELUGE, arriving at 19:55 SOAKING WET but happy to have arrived before the box office closing at 20:00... only to find they'd closed it early. ANNOYING. Nobody appeared to want to re-open it either, despite the show having STARTED and LOADS of STAFF standing around in the foyer. UNIMPRESSED, Prince Of Wales Theatre, see me SCOWLING! Our business, it may well go ELSEWHERE!

Thus ENRAGED we sped through downtown SOHO to the PUB for some very pleasurable beer and RANTING and then to the brilliant Tibits, a totally GRATE Veggie Restaurant which, I may have mentioned before, does not seem like one. It's probably the lack of a community noticeboard that does it. MAN ALIVE but it was good!

All in all it was an Anniversary Evening very SUITED to the decade it was celebrating - full of ACTION, ADVENTURE, BOOZE, GRUB, RANTS and GOOD TIMES. I'm already looking forward to 2021!

posted 21/7/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Happy anniversary!
posted 21/7/2011 by Merman

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