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Blog: 2000AD (Nan) Online

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I was very pleased this morning to see that the Keep Pop Loud! compilation that came out last year is now available to STREAM online. It's got lots of good stuff and GOOD PEOPLE involved, and it always felt like a bit of a shame that you could only get it on a very limited edition CD, which sold out yonks ago.

Now that it's online it ALSO means that you can hear my song 2000AD Nan, which I recorded specially for this album. I co-wrote it with Mr F A Machine and it's one of my FAVOURITES of mine from recent time, largely because the subject matter always gets me a bit EMOTIONAL. It's a subject I was thinking about for YEARS before finally getting it into a song, and it manages to get in how I feel about a) NANS b) 2000AD, two subjects very close to my heart!

Also, it has a SUPER wibbly wobbly bass line, what's not to like?

posted 5/7/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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