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FIRED UP with EXCITEMENT from my first day at SKOOL on Wednesday I spent most of yesterday THINKING about what I'd write for my first assignment. We had to do a monologue, with one character talking to another (who doesn't speak... obviously). The speaker has a secret, and it's something to do with the Olympics.

Well, having been so OVERWHELMED by the who 'lympic experience my BRANE immediately leapt to ONE conclusion about who these two "characters" would be (CLUE: we saw them in a pair all the time BEFORE it all began, then they did one 'lympics alone EACH. Oh yes!) and by late last night I'd got it WRIT. Excited I dragged The Words On My Page into The Study and READ it to her... I'd hoped for PRAISE, but actually there were just TEARS from all concerned. It turns out that we both miss the 'lympics a LOT!

Still, it worked pretty well, and so today I did another edit and tidy up and went to post it on the FORUM we'd been told to. The deadline isn't until tomorrow but I thought I'd get it DONE (not least so that if anyone else had had the same idea I would at least have got in first!), but was STALLED by the fact that it wasn't working yet - i was TOO early.

An hour or so later it was all functioning, and so I ended up being the first student to upload the first assignment. Or, as the role is more traditionally known, "TEACHER'S PET". Oh blimey! When did this happen to me? Surely I was a ROCK AND ROLL REBEL in my earlier years?

Oh. No. I've checked my memory and it turns out that, actually, I've ALWAYS been this way. What can I say? If you do your homework as soon as you get home you've got the whole weekend free to PLAY OUTSIDE (or on yr ZX Spectrum). Everyone knows that, right? In fact, surely, that's more "cool" than being a "rebel", right kids?

It definitely is. Except that I'm going to see a PLAY tomorrow. SWOT!

posted 28/9/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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Monologue speaking to someone else that doesn't speak - that's practically every David Gedge song from the 80s. Or overhearing half a telephone conversation. Nice idea.
posted 28/9/2012 by

Forgot to put my name. Gareth, that's me!
posted 28/9/2012 by Gareth

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