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On Monday night I had one of the most LONDON experiences I have ever had since moving here.

The evening began, as usual for Mondays, with SCHOOL. We had a GRATE talk from Tim Crouch whose play "I, Malvolio" i went to see last week. He was PACKED with IDEAS and THORTS and when he spoke about "The Author", a play of his I'd a) read b) got a bit ANNOYED about, I was totally persuaded and ENLIGHTENED about it. It was ACE!

Meanwhile, I'd been invited to go to a BOOK LAUNCH that same evening, for Grand Thieves And Tomb Raiders, the EXCELLENT (NB i have just started reading it) book about the history of the British Computing industry. One of the chapters is called "We Bought It To Help With Your Homework", and I get a NAMECHECK in the Acknowledgements section - it's VERY exciting! The DO was near Charing Cross, which was going to take me about 45 minutes to get to on tube and bus, so I decided to get a TAXI. I got one just outside SCHOOL and, a couple of minutes in, realised what was happening.

"I've just left a talk with an AUTHOR to get a TAXI across TOWN to a BOOK LAUNCH" I thought. "LONDON!"

The do itself was lovely - there were computing-based CAKES, a load of delightful people (including Mr S Hewitt) and CHAT. During this CHAT a small group of us somehow managed to appear RIDICULOUSLY GEEKY at an event about COMPUTERS - first by discussing Dr Who and then - THEN! - by having an animated discussion about PDF and RTF coding languages. However, my favourite bit was when someone asked to have their photograph taken with ME - i do love going to retro-computing ESQUE events, it's like a day-trip into fame!

It was all a bit exhausting, especially as I'd also gone to GIVE BLOOD (I know, i know, i am a SAINT) earlier on and had been feeling WEAK, but had BRAVELY STRUGGLED ON. After ten years living here I'm glad that it's not always quite THIS London (e.g. i also saw BILL NIGHY at lunchtime: LONDON!) but it's very pleasant indeed to occasionally have days that totally ARE!

posted 15/11/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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