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Blog: KRAZY Day

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The second week of January is, counter-intuitively, often quite good FUN for ROCK stuff. You'd think it'd be DULL because everyone has the Back To Work GLUMS, but what tends to happen is that everyone in ROCK thinks "Sod this, I am going to cheer myself up by BOOKING stuff and DOING things."

HOWEVER, I was not quite prepared for the ONSLAUGHT of Stuff Happening that came my way yesterday, it was KRAZY! Some of this was Internally Generated - following our Band Discussion in Berlin last year Tim has SWUNG into action doing GIG BOOKINGS - he's on the ATAK for a Prestigious Support Slot at the moment, and has a BIG LIST of Festivals to whom he is about to make APPLICATION. As per, the sight of this is making everyone PANIC with the thought that we might end up doing ALL of them, knacker ourselves, use up all our holiday etc etc etc when OBVIOUSLY we will most likely end up doing NONE of them, but still, it is all part of the FUN.

Also on a Validators TIP, I had an email from the people behind the SECRET PROJECT we're going to be involved with soon - the plan is to do this THING (I know it is annoying to be VAGUE about stuff like this, but I don't want to JINX it) along with some new recordings, and PRACTICES for those (sans ME) are also being arranged.

I also had an email from The Teacher magazine, who give the Dinosaur Planet for Schools idea a PLUG, offering me a copy of the magazine - we've already had TWO schools expressing an interest in putting the play on, so I'm hopeful that somehow, somewhere, this'll HAPPEN. As I've said before, do get in touch if anyone out there is interested in SHAPING A GENERATION by putting it on as their school play!

I mentioned this on TWITTER and someone else pointed out that we're also mentioned in Retro Gamer magazine. This lunchtime I am off to WH Smiths!

Mr John Allison, who of course did all the artwork for Dinosaur Planet. He's going to be doing the POSTER for Total Hero Team, and sent me roughs of the layout, logo and CHARACTER DESIGNS. It all looks MAGIC - I cannot WAIT to get these a) online b) MADE c) onto BADGES, it's going to be GORGEOUS!

Talking of Edinburgh, as we sort of were, I had another email from a ROCK PAL who is planning to do a PACKAGE of various ROCK STUFF at The Fringe. We're hoping to do Total Hero Team with PBH's Free Fringe again, but there's a chance we might be able to do some OTHER stuff this way, maybe Totally Acoustic, maybe something ELSE. The most exciting thing is that there's going to be a batch of PALS up there with us again - HOORAH!

And finally, just as I was doing my daily Self-Google (STOP IT, self-googling is a VITAL PART of the Modern Media, and in NO WAY amusing or smutty. BEHAVE) at the end of the day (it relaxes me - WHAT?!?) I discovered something AMAZING! Over the Christmas period Tim had reported, using Heavy Irony, that we MUST be at number 26 or something in the Dandelion Radio Festive 50 (i.e. the Official Continuation of the John Peel Festive 50) as he'd listened to the top 25 and hadn't heard us. We all REMARKED HUMOROUSLY between ourselves that this must be true, as we were sure there was no way we'd be in it at all.

But guess what? We were totally WRONG! We ARE in it - all right, not at number 26, but not too far off and, I think, it's our highest ever placing TO BOOT! You'll need to have a listen to see where we are, and what song, but CRIKEY, thanks LOADS everyone who voted for us, it is AMAZING!!

Oh, and then, just before I left, I found out that I'm NOT going to be finishing my job at the end of this financial year, and will be around and getting paid for at LEAST another 12 months. All in all, a pretty good day!
Festive 50
posted 9/1/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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Voted for A Little Bit so hope that's the one - if so think it'll be the first time something i've actually voted for has made it into the Festive Fifty!
posted 9/1/2013 by steven o

I couldn't possibly comment - but thanks very much indeed!!
posted 9/1/2013 by MJ Hibbett

are you trying for Nozstock in Hereford? The HPA and Butty are lovely with the bonus of being cheap, a full band Dinosar Planet (or gig of normal songs)on the main stage would be amazing there. with a bonus midnnight performance of Total Hero Team on the Bandseand Stage! I really hsould run my own festival.
posted 10/1/2013 by matt

That's RIGHT next to Edinburgh, so wouldn't really be do-able this year - shame, it does INDEED look rather lovely!
posted 10/1/2013 by MJ Hibbett

what about that two day festival thing in West Bromwich, Steve went last year, surely he was only there on a recon mission to make sure the venue was up to scatch? it's worth playing there just so you can get on the Metro for a couple of stops and go for a few ales in Vine with it's Indoor Indian BBQ
posted 21/1/2013 by matt

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