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Blog: Valentine's MADNESS

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What the HECK is going on with today's bands? Where has all the ROMANCE gone from their souls? EH?

I ask because of a spate of complete INSANITY which i have recently brushed against, uncomfortably, like a young girl and a stinky tramp waiting for a bus. Ooh, it gives me the CREEPS just thinking about it. Anyway, this insanity is as follows: GIGS ON VALENTINE'S DAY.

Doesn't sound too weird yet does it? No, even when you consider that some people (i.e. me) are GAGGING for some gig action, the fact that a band might play on Valentine's day doesn't really add up to much - the band in question were The Quickies, who feature Matthew From The K-Stars who i haven't seen in YEARS. All is well, except it turns out they're only playing tonight (when i'm off to see my DAD) and on Friday... VALENTINE'S DAY.

A minor inconvenience, i thought, until Charlie from the MARVELOUS Fighting Cocks emailed me to inform of some gig action of his own. "HOORAH!" thought I, "I look forward to this immensely - when is it?" "Gor BLIMEY", says he, "it's only bleedin' Friday, innit?" VALENTINE'S DAY!

Then my friend Chris emailed me - his band, Joe Public, have a GIG too! "Smashing! I might come back up to Leicester to see you - when might that be then?" VALENTINE'S DAY!

And do bear in mind, that the above is the COMPLETE LIST of ALL Pub-Style Gigs i have thought about going too. ALL on the same cocking day! WHAT! IS! THE! MATTER with these people? It's VALENTINE'S day! Certainly many people, yes, even in bands, won't be able to be with a Loved One on that day, some people (hard as it may be to comprehend, but yes, even in bands) may not even HAVE a handy loved one, but personally on the many many occasions when one of those people has been ME, i've found going out and getting horribly drunk is MORE than enough, and gigs just get in the way. And besides that, who on EARTH do they think is going to turn up?

Or is that what's going on? Cynical Landlords, unable to book any bands with People In Love in them, instead FILL UP with Desperate Loners on The Saddest NIght Of The Year, KNOWING full well that all the beer in the world won't be enough to wash away the doom on that particular night. That's quite clever really... but why oh WHY are they using all the bands that I want to see, on the night I've got something much BETTER to do? BASTARDS.

And just now i received an email from Dave Dixey, Sorted Supremo, advising me that one of his bands are playing down here soon. "Marvellous!" i think, "Just what I need - when's that then?"


posted 11/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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