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Blog: Back To The Olympic Site

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The Winners On My Podium and I were up DEAD early on Saturday, to head off to the Olympic Park. The aforesaid Runners In My Race had won a competition for tickets to a "Park In Progress" tour, which turned out to be a brief jaunty bus trip to (and trip UP) The Red Squiggle (aka The Arcelor Mittal Orbit, which sounded oddly like "Arseholometer" when pronounced by guides.

Talking of whom - everywhere we went, from getting given HARD HATS and HIGH VIS JACKETS (exciting!) at the start to the guides, bus drivers, and lift operators, we were greeted by DELIGHTFUL young people wherever we went. This was probably the best thing of the whole visit - your Young People these days get a RIGHT hard time for being unruly and wearing Foolish Trousers, but EVERYONE we met was absolutely LOVELY. It fair made our middle-aged hearts burst with PRIDE for our Local Youth!

Going up the squiggle itself was dead good too - you get an AMAZING view, and it was wonderful to see the Stadium up close again and get a BOOST of the JOY we had last summer. It was a bit like going on a sun bed or something, a brief RUSH of happiness as we remembered how brilliant it had all been. The actual sculpture itself reminded me of the ATOMIUM in Brussels, with its dinky little exhibitions, marvellous views, and overall feeling of something built for an EVENT that was too COOL to take down again afterwards.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around Westfields and environs, eating, drinking, and PURCHASING things, like one of those Normal Couples you hear about. It was good fun, I think it might catch on!

posted 4/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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