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Blog: Quaoar and Varuna

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Ooh, did you know there were Extra Planets out in SPACE past pluto? I didn't until just now, and these are REAL ones that actually definitely exist, and not just Gigantic Spaceships powered by The Giant Lizards. Or, indeed, GALACTUS.

Anyway, all is flowing along very nicely here at the moment, there's a new song (or at least a FIRST DRAFT) of one over in the Song Blog (no annotations yet though), with not one but TWO other ones fizzing round my BRANE, called "City Centres" and "Girlfriend Alarmed". That's what they're called so far at any rate, contents may settle during transit. Infuriatingly, last week, I came up with LOADS of really nice tunes, but could think of no words. THIS week words are pouring out of my MIND, but I've forgotten how all the tunes went. OY!

posted 12/11/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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