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You find me at home today - I was intending to do some Working At Home, but GOODNESS ME I'm poorly AGAIN. Not so bad today as I was yesterday afternoon (i spent it in bed, EITHER asleep OR going "ow, everything hurts, my head aches, I can't stand up - OW!"), thanks for asking, but still not at my glorious best. Bleh.

But some pleasantness does creep through the MALAISE, as yesterday I got an email from that nice Mr Everett True*, to say that he'd mentioned me in Careless Talk Costs Lives again, which indeed he has. He reviews the AAS Compilation (and, uniquely for a music journalist, seems to GET the label's name), and elsewhere rather BRILLIANTLY compares I,Ludicrous to ME! HA! That's what I like to see! Bless him, it turns out he also played "Work's All Right" on his radio show too, when he did a show digging through his Extensive 7" Collection. That's especially nice, as until this year his review of that EP (in which he said "... while MJ Hibbett sing's sweetly about the joys of 9-5") was my ONLY proper press mention ANYWHERE. Thanks!

* Coincidentally, a Regular Reader ALSO emailed me about this the day before, suggesting that he thought I must not have seen it as i hadn't been "crowing about it" on this webpage. What DOES he mean?!?

posted 21/11/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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