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The film that Mr J Dredge and I made last week (in an exciting 50 minutes of GUERILLA FILMMAKING) is now DONE and ONLINE and right HERE:

It's precisely 16 seconds long so does WHIP by but I must say I'm rather proud of it. Obvs as a FILMMAKER (hem hem) I am happy that it tells a story but the things I like most about it are a) the sword fight b) that last shot where we went "OOH this will make a nice last shot" and c) the finger clicks on the song. Actually, the music took longer to do than the filming itself, as I had to try and calculate what BPM would work to bring the whole thing in at the right length AND leave space for a start and an ending. Originally the music was meant to be twice as fast but that made it seem REALLY quick so for the final version I sped up the BPM slightly then did the actual chords at half speed, so it all felt more leisurely while fitting more in. If you see what I mean.

ANYWAY I hope you enjoy it and hope it brings a small sliver of delight to yr Valentine's Day!

posted 13/2/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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