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A couple of days ago I was trying to think of something to write a fanzine article about and thought "Didn't I have exactly this problem around this time last year? What did I write then?"

And LO! I looked through my files and found that last year I'd written an article about a songwriting course and ALSO the year before that I'd done one about the differences between ROCK and comedy. I hadn't put either of them up on the articles section of the website, so I did that, and now you can read them if you like!

Having said all that I STILL haven't got an idea about what to write this time, so any THORTS would be much appreciated*!

(* except rude ones)

posted 28/5/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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Article: what it's like to finally have a stalker, a crazed fan who dresses like you (aka S Hewitt) and your disappointment that this person is not a foxtress (or your secret pleasure, mental confusion and ongoing emotional turmoil that it is in fact a man).
posted 28/5/2015 by Up yours delors

Write an article about the writer's block of deciding what to write...
posted 28/5/2015 by Merman

The 10 Commandments of Indie
posted 28/5/2015 by Alex D

Or 10 things (I like 10s) that we can still learn from The Beatles
posted 28/5/2015 by Alex D again

"27 things to learn before you go to Edinburgh"
posted 29/5/2015 by

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