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Blog: The Shoe Shop Guys - Politics

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Myself and Mr John Dredge have UNLEASHED another video into the world today, and it is THIS one:

It's another one starring The Shoe Shop Guys - i DO like The Shoe Shop Guys, and not just because it involves me shouting "HELLO!" at the top of my voice. Although that is quite a big part of it.

We've got THREE more videos ready and waiting to go over the next few weeks, and we have this very day booked ourselves in to go and film a load more, so with any luck we will be continuing to DELIGHT one and all on a weekly basis for most of the rest of the year. If you'd like to keep totally up to date with them as they EMERGE you can go and LIKE our facebook page or, I guess, just keep checking here every Friday!

posted 25/9/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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