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Blog: Job 3

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On Monday I found myself back in distant Hammersmith to start WORK at my new PROPER JOB. Happily for my predictive powers of songwriting it turned out to be ALL RIGHT.

I'd been right worried about it, wandering around the week beforehand in a FUNK, sad for the ending of the glorious year and a half OFF that I've just had and AFEARED of what was to come. I have only had TWO proper jobs before this one (over a decade each at Leicester University and Birkbeck College) and it is a HUGE expanse of time since I last had a First Day At Work, so my misgivings were perhaps understandable. However, it turns out that things have changed a bit since that distant day in the early part of the century when I rolled up at Bedford Square to begin work in That London. For one thing, I am Considerably Further On In My Career and so - it turns out - do actually know what I'm on about a bit more. For another, I appear to also have GROWN as a human being somewhat! I know! Imagine! Where once I would VISIBLY QUAIL at the idea of meeting new people I positively EMBRACE the idea, and where I used to find the first excuse to run away and HIDE on my own for as long as possible now it seems that I'm the sort of person who engages in chit chat and even goes off to LUNCHTIME TALKS. It's KRAZY!

There were MANY meetings and also the usual IT Business i.e. my PC hadn't arrived and, as an added bonus, someone had spelled my name wrong in my log-in, but again it turned out that I am no longer a TERRIFIED BABY about such things and instead just got ON with it. ENCROYABLE!

Best of all though, it turns out that you CAN get a seat on the Central Line first thing in the morning if you just wait a minute for the PACKED one to go buy, and thus I spent a DELIGHTFUL hour, there and back, READING. Reading! I haven't done THAT on a commute since i lived in Leytonstone, AND I listened to The Beatles all the way too!

I tell you what, if it wasn't for the fact I have to get up at A Quarter To Ridiculous I would demand that they pay me to ... what? They DO pay me? Sing HOORAH everybody, it IS all right when it's a proper job!

posted 13/10/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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