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Blog: A Walk In The Park

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Sunday found The Apartments In My Block and I out for a Guided Walking Tour. I'm not sure if I've mentioned - I don't like to go on about it - but I live in the Actual Olympic Village, and it seems that our landlords had organised a bunch of tours, led by Mr Nick Edwards, to give new residents a bit more information about where they were living. In our case it was more of an excuse for a NOSEY, which worked out VERY well indeed!

We kicked off withy a trip to the top of Vesta House, the big triangular building what was on Grand Designs a while ago, where there is a roof garden. We've been up there before but this time it was as part of an Officially Sanctioned Tour, not just sneaking in for a GAWP. You can see pretty much ALL of The London, it was ACE!

We then wandered around East Village discovering FACTS, round the Olympic Park, and eventually to The Arcelor-Mittal Orbit, or The Red Squiggle as it is known in all sensible households. We were filled with INFORMATION about the history of the area by this point, so it was quite nice just to go up to the top and have another good old GAWP as things like The Olympic Stadium and also all the MANY places where they're going to build more houses and stuff. It was all quite exciting really, certainly more exciting than the ABSEILING that was going on - we watched somebody go past our window, he looked TERRIFIED! Instead we chose to walk down around the outside of the Squiggle and it was FAB. Apparently next year they're going to put a SLIDE in so you can ZOOM down - I imagine this will be a lot more fun than abseiling!

posted 20/10/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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