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It was a KRAZY day yesterday for managing MY BRAND, as pretty much EVERYTHING was going off at once.

First and foremost was the release of Hey Hey 16K on DVD which I spent quite a lot of time talking about, organising things for, and THINKING about - I need to find some places to send it to for REVIEW and I fear I have pretty much NO idea!

I also spent some time finishing off this month's Totally Acoustic Podcast which is a RIGHT cracker featuring Aidy from The British IBM, Michael L Clamp and Ruth from PO! - it's very much available to download and I suggest you do so immediately!

Meanwhile, across town, rehearsals were underway for the Lost City Writers Showcase which a) features three PIECES by me b) is happening on Thursday night and c) has tickets very much still available, if you'd like to come.

I was unable to attend said rehearsals due mostly to WORK, but then in the early evening I was also prevented from going due to a prior, DELIGHTFUL, arrangement to meet Mr T Eveleigh and record some items for his many and various podcasts. We went and had a bit of a sit in front of the Arcelor Mittal Orbit (AKA The Red Squiggle) and spent a MARVELOUS half an hour yakking away, culminating in me recording a couple of SOLO songs for later use while planes flew noisily overhead and passing cycles casually veered out of their route to have a look at what was going on.

As well as just being FUN this also counted as the first stage in the rapidly approaching PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN for the new Validators album, 'Still Valid'. On Saturday we have a BAND CURRY booked when, all being well, the MASTERS and COVER will be SIGNED OFF and I can send them off to be MADE. In preparation for this I have been allocating a small amount of time each day for PLANNING and PREP - I'm currently STILL trawling through music blogs, looking for likely candidates who might mention it. The main thing I have learnt from this process is that everyone is talking about a band called The Goon Sax. I really ought to have a listen to them at some point.

As you can imagine, with SHOWS, Totally Acoustic, solo performances AND The Validators all swirling around my head, I was quite relieved that The Dredge/Hibbett Conunundrum videos had all been released last week! So many BRANDS - this must be how The Beckhams feel ALL the time!

posted 12/4/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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You forgot the ôs
posted 12/4/2016 by Chris Abbott

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