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Blog: The March, part two: Aaah!

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ANYWAY, that lasted a good half hour as my brain RAGED INWARDLY, but then i started to see BENEATH the banners and saw all the children, the NORMAL people, the "protest virgins" and that, as well as the CND people, the GOOD human beings who, actually, would probably much rather be at home having their lunch than here. It was, actually, BEAUTIFUL, especially seeing all the organisations for PEACE finally managing to connect with the ordinary people who never really felt the need to be there, finally getting together and finding that they had far more in common with each other than with those, actually very small, cliques of self-professed revolutionaires who sought to speak for them.

And after that it was LOVELY, and i saw all the home-made signs, the self-made t-shirts, and the new songs people were making up. By the time we got to Hyde Park i was feeling positively ZEN LIKE, as Actually Millions Of People swarmed around happily. We didn't stay long, hey, it was cold! We went home, did MORE shopping, and then settled down with a Hearty Stew to watch it on telly, and MAN wasn't it fantastic? It was a little bit - and ONLY a little bit, but still - like watching the Berlin Wall come down, in that it was real people doing something they believed in. And In Discussion, i came round to thinking that, actually, i should listen to The Lesson Of The Smiths (see above) here too, and remember that just because a couple of hundred maladjusted misanthropes seek to take over any protest going, doesn't mean i should lump in EVERYONE who cares with them. The CND, for example, whose members have trudged the street week in and week out for causes like this, or the Green Party, or the countless other organisations whose badges festooned the rainbow of anoraks that stormed past us yesterday afternoon, all these people defy cynicism and Can't Be ArsedNess, to make days like this, when they happen like this, actually WORK.

It was GRATE. AND! just to top of the day with some Slightly Less Worthiness, as we left we passed Meg Matthews and her mate coming in, and i "dutifully" ran back with Charlotte so we could CASUALLY turn round and LOOK at her a bit more. I was thus able to BOTH act HAUGHTY about such wanton celebrity gawping AND indulge in massive wanton celebrity gawping. HOLA! She was very small indeed, as all People On The Telly have to be in order that they fit in.

posted 16/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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